PIPEROID Octo & Deca paper craft- Mischievous Octopus & Crab

PIPEROID Octo & Deca paper craft- Mischievous Octopus & Crab

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Octo+Deca's Story

Octo and Deca both work at an aquarium. Being the elder of the two, Octo always comes up with pranks and forces Deca to play along with him. This time they have gone out on a mission to pat a sleeping shark on the head.

PIPEROID is an award winning paper craft kit from Kyoto, Japan that is a mix of traditional block construction toy and origami.

  • ONLY PAPER PIPES - Package includes 5 rolled-up paper pipes that come in two diameters. Larger pipes have multiple pre-drilled holes that snugly holds the thinner pipes.
  • NO SKILLS REQUIRED - If you can use scissors and fold paper airplanes, you can build them in as little as 30 minutes! Pictorial instructions similar to origami kits indicate where to cut, fold, and insert the paper pipes. No tape or glue needed and all joints can even move!
  • BONDING TIME WITH KIDS - Get kids off smart phones and teach them how to use scissors and follow directions. Build one together with kids age 6+, and let them build alone starting at 10+.
  • INSPIRE THE KID INSIDE YOUR HEART - Remember the excitement as a kid building toy blocks and working on art craft projects? PIPEROID paper robot and animal kits will surprise you and bring back the memory lane.
  • PERFECT PARTY FAVORS - Available in various style, these paper kits are ideal for origami lovers, science party, treasure box prizes, goodie bags and stocking stuffers.